As everyone knows traditionally the Stone has been the main factor of making shelters and man-made structures. The history of stone application in Iran goes to BC period. Engraving and carving stone and making stylish and magnificent statues which have been remained from ACHAEMENID in PERSPOLIS and PASARGAD shows maximum rich of this business in Iran till nowadays after progressing technology Iran has unique position by having rich mines and resources and specialized and efficient manpower globally and the state claim in this industry. By the same token Parsian Stone Iranian group presents its products ranging from different kinds of stones including Travertine, Marble, Onyx, Granite, Limestone and decorative stones adapted with customers ' design, vision and wills in tiles, Slabs, Blocks, counter tops, etc. Using modern machines in hiring, processing and finally unique package caused this group to present its products in high quality, Unbeilivable Prices and completely adapted with the last global standards and methods.

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The Application of Stone in External View :

The External View of building and the way of designing them is the First and Most importantly factor of each structure that attracts everybody. So considering specially this issue has high importance. By the same token and by considering the span of all kinds of Stones in design and color, using of stone in external views adapted to architect's view and vision can have an important role in performing this job. Frequently using Travertine and Granite is Morse in External views. For visiting these stones please visit the product list.






The Application of Antique Guillotine and decorative Stones:

The waste of decorative stones used to be one of problems of this industry. The production of Guillotine, Antique and decorative stones from these wastes has not just solved this problem, It could create unique and beautiful products from these wastes too. Using these Stones in external views and internal spaces of buildings (kitchens, columns, in the back of LCDs, etc.) and mixture of them with other stones adapted with architect's designs and visions caused double beauty for external views and internal spaces of buildings. For visiting different kinds of these stones please refer to production list.

Using Rubble Stones:

Using rubble stones from different kinds of building stones in parks, green spaces, ways, sidewalks, gardens, villas, stone statues and fountains in the shape of sheet rubble stones, cubic, pebbles, Malone causes unique beauty urban areas. This issue has been always attractive for governmental organizations like municipalities, public service organizations, urban, etc. So using these stones in these spaces for preserving beauty of cities ' appearances has a special importance. For visiting all kinds of these stones please refer to product list

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The application of stone in internal spaces of buildings:

The internal spaces of building used to be commonly the space where attracts people after external views, As we know internal spaces of buildings are the places where we pass the longest time during our life, This places include our living places and work places, So as more as these places would be beautiful and comfortable we would feel more relaxation doing daily jobs. Considering the span of different kinds of stones in design and color, using stone in internal spaces adapted with architects ' design and vision can have unique role in performing this job. Usually all kinds of stones use in internal views, For visiting these stones please refer to product list.

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